"I put my total support behind HydraPouch!"

Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway

Olympic marathoner, best selling author, "America's Coach"

"The HydraPouch is the lightest, most comfortable, and most effective hydration device a runner can carry. I recommend the HydraPouch for anyone who drinks aid station beverages while running a road or trail race."

What People Are Saying

Here's what our customers are saying about the HydraPouch personal hydrator:

    "Love it! Wonderful and brilliant! Everyone should have one - save Mother Earth!" - Mary

    "Loved it! So easy to use." - Elise

    "Easy. Great idea." - Frank

    "Great idea - very green." - Mellissa

    "Easy to use, easy to get water into, and easy to drink." - Alan

    "I love how lightweight it is." - Jenn

    "Worked really well. Very innovative yet simple." - Michael

    "The HydraPouch is AWESOME! I ran with it at the Canyonlands Half Marathon, where I woke up with a cold and fever. The HydraPouch actually got me through the race, because I could fill and hold my water for a while, allowing me to stay hydrated, and avoiding getting sicker. It fit perfectly clipped to the back of my running skirt. I didn't even feel it was there the whole race. Thanks HyrdaPouch!" - Jennifer

Here's what our customers are saying about the HydraPour high-speed dispenser:

    "Great! These should be at all races!" - Holly

    "I really like this - hope to see it at many upcoming races." - Kelly

    "Great and easy to use." - Linda

    "Great!" - Myra

    "Easy." - Linda

    "Very easy to use." - Tim