"I put my total support behind HydraPouch!"

Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway

Olympic marathoner, best selling author, "America's Coach"

“Runners drink more and stay better hydrated, and we all know that better hydration leads to better performance. Elite runners who try a HydraPouch will experience something most of them have never experienced - they'll actually be able to drink while running at full speed."

How to use the HydraPouch personal hydrator

How do I use it? It’s super intuitive – first-time users can figure it out without any instruction or practice. But some guidance is always useful. Check out our videos, or follow these simple steps:

1. Clip It. Before your race starts, clip it on your shorts, race number belt, hydration belt, or anywhere that’s comfortable and secure.

2. Grab It. As you approach an aid station or UltraSpout dispenser, grab the HydraPouch and hold it in your hand with the spout facing towards you.

3. Pinch It. Pinch the top of the HydraPouch between your thumb and fingers to open the slit on the top – it opens wide like an old-fashioned coin purse.

4. Fill It. If you’re filling your HydraPouch from a paper cup, simply grab the cup with your free hand, place the edge of the cup on the open lip of the HydraPouch, and pour. If you’re in an event with UltraSpout-equipped dispensers on the course, place the HydraPouch under the UltraSpout valve and push the paddle in with your hand as you’re moving past the dispenser - your HydraPouch will fill with 6 ounces of liquid in about one second.

5. Close It. Release the pressure between your thumb and fingers so the top of the HydraPouch can spring back to its original shape.

6. Sip It. Raise the HydraPouch to your mouth and tip it up to take a sip. Just let the liquid pour into your mouth, or suck from the built-in spout, but don’t squeeze it!

7. Shake It. When it’s empty, or you’ve had enough to drink, turn it over and shake it out to make sure it’s empty.

8. Clip It. Clip it back on and forget about it until you reach the next aid station or UltraSpout dispenser.