"I put my total support behind HydraPouch!"

Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway

Olympic marathoner, best selling author, "America's Coach"

"I can't imagine why race organizers wouldn't encourage runners to try Cup-Free racing. It costs the organizer nothing, it improves the runners' race experience, it makes aid stations safer, it reduces trash and litter, and it saves organizers and sponsors money."

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Eliminate cups at your next race!

HydraPour™ high-speed dispensing valves by HydraPouch®, the leader in Cup-Free™ racing and training:

  • •   Improve aid station safety.
  • •   Reduce volunteers.
  • •   Reduce cup and disposal costs.
  • •   Simplify race-day logistics.

Easily fits all common coolers:


Quickly fills all handheld containers:

Fuel Belt
Water Bottle
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to promote Cup-Free Racing

Creigh Kelley

Creigh Kelley
President, BKB Ltd
Running USA Board
of Directors

"The HydraPour aid stations are so quick and efficient! The participants in the Liberty Run all loved it - some even said that all races should be cup-free from now on. I was a bit of a skeptic, but now I'm totally with this. I'm going to introduce the HydraPour as a component of my aid stations in every event, and I predict that in three to four years they will be typical in races worldwide."