Standard HydraPouch, “Berry”

Standard HydraPouch, “Berry”

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The HydraPouch personal hydrator will improve your race hydration and performance by eliminating the mess, discomfort, and frustration of trying to drink from paper cups during a race.

In stock

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The patented and award winning HydraPouch® personal hydrator is the first and only beverage container of its kind. Its unique design has been specifically optimized to improve your entire hydration experience during a road or trail race. It is flexible and conforms easily to the shape of your hand, it can be opened for filling and refilling with one hand, it has a splash-resistant closure that keeps liquids in even when held in your swinging hand, and it has an integrated molded spout so can easily sip the contents while you run.

Important features of the HydraPouch personal hydrator:

•   Ergonomic design – fits comfortably in hands of any size.
•   Universal carry clip – hooks easily to shorts, tights, number belts, hydration belts, etc.
•   Use with either hand – use with your left or right hand, or use one in each hand!
•   See-through construction – see your beverage through the sides of the HydraPouch.
•   Splash resistant – patent-pending closure resists spilling.
•   One-hand operation – open, fill, close, and drink from the HydraPouch with just one hand.
•   Intuitive opening – squeeze the ends together and it opens, release and it closes.
•   Optimum fluid volume – 6 ounces. Quenches your thirst, and easy to carry.
•   Incredibly light – weighs just over one ounce empty.
•   Easy to clean – dishwasher safe, with a carry clip that is easy to remove and reinstall.

Additional information

Weight 2.25 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .75 in


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